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Butterfield Stage Cherokee Trail Chisholm Trail Leavenworth Pike's Peak Express Oregon Trail
Jones and Plummer Trail Pony Express Santa Fe Trail Smoky Hill Trail Trail of Sac and Fox

Kansas Collection Trail Resources Butterfield Stage/Butterfield Overland Dispatch (original not in Kansas) Chisholm Trail/Chisholm Cattle Trail Cherokee Trail Leavenworth-Pikes Peak Express/ Central Overland California and Pikes Peak (COC & PP)/ Overland Trail Stage Oregon Trail/California Trail/Independence Road Jones and Plummer Trail Pony Express Santa Fe Trail Smoky Hill Trail to Western Gold Mines/Military Road/ Butterfield Trail/Butterfield Overland Dispatch/Butterfield Stage Line The Trail of the Sac and Fox Kansas Historic Trails Sources

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank the late Richard A. Ensminger, Kirkwood, Missouri, for contributing to this material. Rich loved to read about the old west, and this material is archived in Rich's memory.

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Updated: 19 November 2017.

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