Ieper (Ypres), Menin Gate, 13 November 2006

The (reconstructed) Cloth Hall in Ieper (Ypres)

A view of the Menin Gate from the Cloth Hall.

A view of the Menin Road from the Menin Gate.

The Menin Gate

The south-western hall of the Menin Gate

Exterior south-western face of the Menin Gate showing a solitary wooden cross apparently blu-tacked to a name.

Main hall of the Menin Gate. Traffic now passes into the city only thereby.

Haig poppy apparently jammed next to the name of Pvt. H. W. Duggan, Canadian Army Medical Corps.

A personal message recording Harry Dickinson and Thomas Peacock both KIA.

A cross and a rose.

Cross remembering Frank Chappell of the Duke of Wellington's Regiment 19-Dec-1915.

Cross remembering 182232 L/S A. E. Jefferies  RN

Cross inscribed with the name of 130239 P. F. Drane , MGC, London Rifles.

The window of a chocolate shop on the Grote Markt in Ieper.

submitted 13 November 2006 by Peter Farrell-Vinay